Deglur Nagar Parishad

Deglur Nagar Parishad is a mobile application as per Digital India Campaign & DAY NULM Mission developed for Deglur Municipal Council.This mobile Application will help the citizen to avail services provided by Deglur Muncipal Council.

• About City:Major information about City, population, historical background. • Latest News: village on going project,theirs photos and details. • NagarParishad Sadasya: NagarAdheksha,Updheksha, and elected members detailed information. • NagarParishad Prashashan :Chief Officer, Clerk,Swachatta karmachari,Pani puravtha karmachari contact information. • Vividh Samiti : Sarvajanik Bandkam Samiti,Sikshan Samiti, Swachata And Arogya Samiti,Pani Puravtha samiti,Niyojan & Vikas Samiti,Mahila & BalKalyan Samiti,Sthayi Samiti etc. member details. • Tax Payment :Pay tax online. • Complaint Registration/Suggestion :Villagers can register their complaint online on app. •Gallery/Advertising :Digital advertising can support to generate revenue. •Video : Videos on their youtube channel. •E Payments :Important Government Links,payment Links etc. • Certificates :All KYC documents required for various certificates •Education :Village school,college information,Total Count (Boys,Girls)in each standard.Also get notification on school activities. • Health:All information regarding hospitals available,health check up camp. • Yojana :Detail information on various government schemes implemented in Nagarparishad .

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  • Creation Date:11/2018